Reading a Waypoint's Location

Dear All, @bresch , @JulianOes, @rroche , @sfuhrer

I want to read a specific WP(ID: 2) location (lat/lon) in global frame from the mission plan. However couldn’t find a simple way to do this. Could you help me about how I can read it in the source code?

Best regards!

@ozanyuceol what have you tried so far? can you please give more detail into what you are trying to achieve and where it will be running?

@rroche thank you for your response!

FixedwingPositionControl.cpp generates a virtual target location which is 3000m ahead the current heading when forward transition starts. I want to gather a specific waypoint’s latitude and longitude, then set _transition_wp(0) and _transition_wp(1) with these values.