PX4 vision position estimate for MISSION mode

Hi all,

I am recently doing a project that is using vision SLAM to control drone indoor autonomous flight. Now I am able to sent vision_position_estimate data to Pixhawk by mavlink and the drone can fly POSITION mode by using vision position data. The next step is doing MISSION mode. I would like to use the QGC waypoints for flying it. I have tried OFFBOARD mode examples and that is working for my drone. But I think this is inconvenient because I have to write position data on code then execute it.
Could you please teach me how to use vision in MISSION mode?

Thank you

Mission waypoints are currently only implemented using lat/lon coordinates and not using local coordinates in meters. If this is something you’d be interested in contributing, feel free to chime in here and maybe we can find some initial steps to get this going.

@JulianOes Thank you so much for sharing the information to me.

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