Accessing pixhawk Waypointd

Hi everybody,

I’m writing a program that, in a nutshell, compares the current GPS coordinates of the drone with the waypoints that were loaded to the FC via a GCS. In order to do this I need to access those waypoints, where are they stored? is there a topic I can subscribe to that access these?

The waypoints themselves are stored in dataman (often an sdcard), but you can easily see the vehicle’s current active waypoint by subscribing to the position_setpoint_triplet uORB message.


Thanks for the response as its exactly what i needed, my program basically triggers an app when both drone coordinate and waypoint match, considering this is considerably unlikely, is there a topic that contains a sort of waypoint offset? Or distance from the drone to the waypoint?


I would just get the distance between the vehicle local position and local position setpoint.