Rangefinder Port Configuration

Hey guys, noob here. I have 2 main questions:
I am attempting to connect a LeddarOne rangefinder to a PixHawk 4, but am having trouble with the port configuration. I built and flashed the software to the PixHawk with ‘make px4_fmu-v4_default upload’, and then launched QGroundControl v3.5.2. I believe the firmware version is 1.9.0alpha, at least that is what it says in the Summary section of QGC. To configure the port of the sensor, I set SENS_LEDDAR1_CFG to both UART 6 and TELEM 2, and tried connecting to each of those ports. After I went to Tools->Reboot. I then went back to Parameters->Serial and cannot see any information for setting the baud rate and the like for either UART6 or TELEM 2. I figured this was alright because I remembered reading that the driver should take care of all that. So next, I tried to check the connection by going to Widgets->Analysis but did not see anything for distance sensors or rangefinders. Is there some other part of the port configuration or rangefinder setup that I am missing?

Also, my original plan was to use this for detecting objects in front of a quadcopter and to create a simple controller for stopping before hitting an object. I understand there are some other object avoidance features in the works, but I am doing this for learning purposes. I was planning on using this sensor and reading values from the distance_sensor topic for front facing object detection, but according to the documentation there are only two options for enabling range finders and they both are for measuring altitude or height estimation:

Set EKF2_HGT_MODE to Range finder (2)
Set EKF2_RNG_AID to 1

Can rangefinders really only be used for altitude measuring. If so I will just change my project a little bit to avoid obstacles below it.

Thanks for any help or insights!