Radio telemetry connecting companion computer

Need help setting up Radio telemetry through companion computer.

The companion computer was setup as above.
And GCS was connected through MAVROS.

   fcu_url :="udp://:14540@localhost:14557"

There is some problem with the connection as this error message is being displayed .

log:companion computer
ERROR [mavlink] instance 1: RADIO_STATUS timeout

Following popup messages is displayed on QGC.

Vehicle 1 did not respond to request for parameters. This will cause QGC to be unable to display its full user interface.

when mission is uploaded, following message is displayed:

Mission transfer faileld.Retry transfer.
Error : Mission write failed, vehicle failed to send final ack.

And ideas with how this can be solved?

@hardmavors You need to verify that the radios can talk to each other: some radios need pairing.

Why not use wifi?

The wifi range on tx2 is too short The range of radio telemetry is wide.

However, connecting the companion computer and radio telemetry is slow.

it is not slow when radio is connectied to the FC.

what could be the reason that it slow when radio is connected to the companion computer?

Did anyone manage to explore this further? @hardmavors did it end up working i’m trying to have the radio on my companion computer talking to my GCS and forwarding info to the pixhawk.

I have the same issue where the wifi range is too short.

Firstly wifi are made with computers in mind, that said including companion computer. Data sent between a RC transmitter and receiver is really simple compared to data sent between companion computers and flight controller. Every seconds there are alot of data going thru in between PX4 and ground station. On the other hand there are only a few channel on the RC controller. Which is pretty much more than sufficient for it to do it’s work.

RC controller uses low frequency waves which increases the range and also penetration power. These in terms reduces the speed. Sending so much data over a much slower frequency definitely reduces the speed. In fact in most case, you will see alot of data drop along the way because most data transfer between computers uses UDP.

So unless you are designing and writing your own program to send specific data through the RF that would trim down the amount of data sent and receive, you will definitely see a drop in speed over normal off the shelves operation.

@Ben_M The reason your wifi range is short comes from the hardware you are using.

yes and no.

Yes is because most of people use off-the-shelf radio devices comes with their computer or routers, and those devices are not designed for long range communication.

No is because Wifi radio itself in principle, is not designed for long range communication at all. The coding/encoding and modulation scheme used determines it is optimized for maximum data throughput, not distance.

One always need to make a tradeoff, between data rate and range. So if range is the preferred goal, the suggestion would be find another radio other than Wifi.