Parameters Not Available over Holybro V3 Radios

Hi all,

I am just getting my first PX4 project up and running. I am completely new to all of this.

Currently, I get the error “Vehicle 1 did not respond to request for parameters,can not display full interface” when I connect to my multicopter. However, when viewing the MAVlink inspector it seems I am getting the same data as when I am connected via USB. Furthermore, my data loss is at 0% (from MAVlink tab) over the radios.

Can someone help me troubleshoot? There seems to be similar topics and github issues related this this, but not of the solutions posted seem to work (reinstall firmware, change serial/COM drivers, radios not dropping, etc)

QGC v3.5.3
PX4 v1.9.1
FC - Holybro Pixhawk 4
Telem - Holybro Radio Set V3 (915mHz 500mW)

Data loss values are only for Vehicle->QGC direciton of traffic. My guess is that your connection from QGC->Vehicle is not working for some reason. Does anything else work, like say trying to change the flight mode from the toolbar?

Thanks! You seems to be correct. It seems GGC->Vehicle is not working. I cannot send/set anything from QGC over the radios.

I switched the radios between the vehicle and QGC and QGC no longer established a connection to the vehicle. It seems that one of the radios is not transmitting or receiving.

These are brand new radios. Is it likely that they are defective, or is there something else I should check? I have flashed both of the using QGC.

The website is not that helpful.

Sorry not quite sure how you would diagnose what is going on there.

Sounds like one of the radios has a hardware defect and needs to be exchanged.

Yep! It seems like it was a hardware defect. I contacted Holybro and they were able to send a replacement unit. They work as expected now!! Much better :smiley: