How to connect QGC and pixhawk2(with px4 firmware) with radio?


I want to connect QGC and pixhawk2 with cuav radio, as show in the figure, the QGC does not has any responses. I do not know how to setup. Can anyone give me some advice ?

Thank you!

There can be multiple problems. Hard to solve without more details

  1. is your pixhawk working? (test with USB connection)
  2. is your radio working? (test with loopback serial)

If your radio is not working, there can be multiple causes

  1. is your radio subnet correct so they can talk to each other?
  2. is your wiring correct? (seems like your made them yourself)

Yeah, my pixhawk and radio are all ok. Because I can connect pixhawk with raio in MP. But QGC cannt do it…Is the problem of baudrate?

Have you managed to solve your issue? Because i am with Cube and i can connect on MP but QGC does not make a solid connection