Radio Taranis Configuration and Flight Modes

I am trying for the third time to use QGroundControl and I cannot parameterize Flight modes with my Taranis and my holybro PX4, something so simple has turned into hell. I am not a novice user and no matter how much I configure my taranis in single or multichannel modes. In single selection, Flight mode 1 does not enable even changing all possible settings in taranis and multichannel mode when enabling rejects. My settings work perfectly on Mission Planner and ArduPilot with QGroundControl
I’m using the latest version of PX4 and QGroundControl with taranis with R9
Does anyone have a tip? What can I be doing wrong?

Could you add a screenshot to illustrate exactly what you mean? That might help me understand the issue.

This what I did on my QX7. There may be other methods but this worked for me using two switches to a single channel. I’ve included the OTX in case you want to use and adjust it accordingly to work for you. Just change .PDF to .OTX.

Good luck.

Flight Modes Setup

QuadRanger Setup.pdf (961 Bytes)

Hi, thanks for the answers, I managed to make it work with the single 6-position channel, it was with version 4.02 QGroundControl and I switched to 4.06 and the flight mode is identified all positions, I don’t know if it was a version or installation problem in my computer One question is because I am receiving rejection from HOLD and Position with 12 satellites and all calibrated sensors.
Doubt HOLD and equal to Mission Planner’s LOITER? I didn’t find information in the manual
I hope to use QGroundControl since I bought my PX4 Holybro, over 1 year ago, I have only been able to configure it in the Mission Planner
Pardon my English

I think you’ll get the rejections if you’re only bench testing because it knows it’s not flying.

Good luck.

thanks, that QGroundControl will adapt better to my PX4 than the Mission Planner