Flight Modes · QGroundControl User Guide (Single-Channel Mode) video example

I have provided the link of flight modes setting for single-channel mode, on this page there is a video example mentioned to understand the setting up of different flight modes on a single channel. But when you click on the video, it says it’s not available and the video is private. Can anyone help me out ? What I am trying to do is to set up different flight modes using FrSKy Tranix XD plus 2019 transmitter, I have assigned channel 5 on my transmitter for flight modes (on a 3-step switch) and when I shift the switch only 3 modes could be used, I also know that I need to use some logical combinations, I tried to create some logics but failed to get 6 flight modes on the channel 5. Results are confusing. So, I believe this video will help me out to do proper configuration.


Any help? Still I cant see the video, I have followed other tutorials but still stuck in the issue.

Hello, I’m another RC noob looking for answers.

I too use the Taranis X9D+2019 and I found a very good series of videos on YouTube.

I followed them and made the changes shown. Enough information presented that I always knew what I as doing, and why.

I now have 6 flight modes, mapped to one channel, using a matrix of two switches, plus a separate channel for Return To Land on a separate Momentary ON switch. (aka Panic Button? lolz)

On the Taranis, this requires creating for your model aircraft,

Mixes (separate menu) of
Inputs, another separate menu,
Logical Switches, on a seperate menu,
Special Functions, on a separate menu,
a Curve, on yet another separate menu,
Flight Modes!

All those setups must be correct and useable by the other setups. I didn’t really understand until all the steps had been completed, and I had played around with the switches.

I use QGroundControl, not ArduPilot’s APM. Please don’t let that throw you, the steps on the Taranis X9D are applicable .

Here is a link: “FrSky Taranis Setup 6 Flight Modes Mix plus 1 for APM Ardupilot - YouTube

Look closely for a list of the earlier and later videos in this series.

I also have a switch setup on the X9D to take screenshots!
I have created a Google Drive folder viewable by Public

You may see how mine is currently set up.

Here is the link:


Here is a link to a series of 5 YouTube videos.

The channel is named Painless 360

This will explain a lot of things about the PixHawk itself and the Taranis X9D Controller.
It uses Mission Planner for Ground Control Station software.

I learned a lot there. Highly recommended!!