Question about Local_Position_NED without GPS

Hello, i am working on combining SLAM with mavlink to reduce dead reckoning problem on real flight. I am trying to use IMU position from Local_Position_NED but the problem is, without GPS, x,y params always zero (only z is change) no matter how far the drone move. I have already check on HIGHRES_IMU message to make sure that my sensor is working. How can i get local position in meters without gps signal or there is a problem with my pixhawk?. I am using PX4 firmware version 1.6.0.

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

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If there is not any other sensors observing the xy direction, e.g. sensor or SLAM via mavlink, the variance of the xy states would be over the limit, then xy would become invalid.
Unless you have fused your data in LPE, or you would not be able to get position info by only using IMU without changing the code.
Personal idea, hope it helpful.

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@Rasp Rasp Did you solve your problem ? Is your solution available somewhere ?
What performances dou you have with your IMU measurements ?

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