Quadrotor based on ardupilot

Hi all,

I am looking for an ROS enabled open source quadrotor to test my control algorithms on.

I think the ardupilot flight controller is the best choice as it is completely open source and well established.

I have been looking over the web for solutions and I came across two:

Please see the following diagram, can any tell me the product names, e.g. what motors are those shown, and what frame I will need to make a quadrotor based on ardupilot?

I also found in the following link: https://pixhawk.org/modules/pixhawk2 another quadrotor with the ardupilot but I also do not know what components have they used.

If anyone can tell me a possible “recipe” that I can put together to build a quadrotor (easily) running ardupilot it will be great.


This is a good reference:


and this:


Hi Mark

Thank you. Are you aware of any quadcopters with the pixhawk 2 board?


And would you anyone recommend it ? Or is the pixhawk 1 still good enough?