Selecting hardware / software platform for a new project


I’m starting a new project that will be a form of stabilized flight platform and am currently looking at available hardware solutions. Based on my initial research it seems the Pixhawk series and PX4 would be a great place to start, however, I have a few questions maybe you can help with.

I have already created a simulation of my flight platform within Webots. and I’m now looking at creating a real test version of the hardware. My platform does not fall into any of the currently available flight platform categories such as multirotor or single rotor etc. So Ultimately I will probably have to port my own code into the Pixhawk hardware.

My questions are:

  1. As a starting point, is there a configuration with default firmware that I could send pitch/roll/yaw and heave corrections (via serial?) to my own controller that would then implement the rotor control algorithm. I could simply setup the software as a quad multirotor then read the PWM outputs for each rotor and extrapolate the pitch/roll/yaw info from them, but it seems like a poor way to do this going through an analogue conversion of signals. (I currently don’t need an autopilot, just stabilized flight)

  2. I’ve been reading up on the various hardware options available, and I like the triple redundant system like the cube black. Would this be a good system to start with or would a Pixhawk 4 or Pixhawk 2 be just as good as a starting hardware platform?

Thanks for any help or tips in advance.