Multicopter for Modification and Experimentation


apologies if this has been posed before - we are just beginning working our way into the subject matter.

We want to add both SW and (light) HW components to a multicopter for safety experimentation, in both indoor and outdoor applications. I’m looking for a reasonably robust commercial multicopter that allows me access to the PX4 SW running on it. It would be perfect if it has expansion ports - but we could work with just a circuit diagram would be OK.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks for any help. Best H.

So if I understand correctly you are looking for a kit to get you started with multicopter flying using PX4?
I can recommend this set for development purposes:
It’s midsize, reasonably simple to assemble and quite popular so you have a bigger chance that someone can help you with the setup.

It doesn’t come with optical flow in the kit but you can attach one of the supported modules. PX4 flow is not the only one, maybe check for a list with someone who knows more about indoor flying than me.

great thanks a lot, big help!!