Quadrocopter oscilates in wide circulation in posctrl

Hi @all,

I am using a Quadrocopter with px4 Firmware. When I switch to posctrl the copter starts to circulate in a instable way. I already tuned my PID Parameters according to this tutorial:

Now it stays stable for the first 5 - 10sec. and starts circulating again. I made a Video of it too but I can’t upload it here so if you want to see just download from my cloud:

It would be nice if someone could give me a general hint why this behaviour appears.


Make sure your external compass rotation is correct.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

Unfortunally I have no external compass. I use 3dr GPS but the compass isn’t plugged in. I uploaded a LOG file here:


In Local Position x and y I can see clear a unstable oscilation, but I tuned my PID already and the problem still occurs.
Does someone has another hint?


I uploaded some more testlogs:

Here the I’s and d’s of the PID are set to 0:

Here INAV is disabled I’s and d’s are set to 0:

Hi, As mentionned earlier.
I had the same pb for compass badly calibrated.

You could try to redo some calibrations maybe and report if you found the problem.
Thanks in advance