Quadcopter YAW 40 degrees in takeoff mode

Hi guys,

When I takeoff in position mode using transmitter I see a slight YAW and once I correct it and leave sticks it hovers perfectly. But when I tried to takeoff using takeoff mode in QGC the UAV takeoff but with 35 degrees and hovers perfectly.

I believe the log will show two motors (one access) spins more than the other two because it’s a bit warmer than the other access motors and I can’t see any mechanical issues causing this!

What could be the cause of such condition please?


Upload your flight log, that might make it easier to determine. But based on what you just said, it might be something as simple as one of your motors is not completely horisontal.

Hi Madsen,

Please find logs below last one was the longest flight and one of them with takeoff mode:





it seems like your tuning is quite bad. Try and reduce your P gain for roll and pitch rate

I think it was due to tilted motors after all I’ll confirm this in my next test flight and keep you posted.

The normal heading control output should be zero, so the motor is not horizontally installed