QGroundControl Software running Error


I have got a new PX4 and in order to get all the information related to the calibration and all, I came across a recommendation that it is better to use QGroundControl for PX4.

I normally use mission planner. I downloaded the QGC and installed it Successfully. While opening the software, it shows me an error message. The error message is in the image.

Can anyone please help me with this error message? Its asking me to reinstall it to fix the error and I tried multiple times reinstalling it. The problem is as it is.

That DLL is part of windows not QGroundControl. I’d some some internet searching to figure out why you don’t have it on your machine.

You may be mistaking px4 derived hardware and the px4 flight stack. Could you clarify what you are trying to do (hardware, flight stack etc)?

Also what version of windows are you running?

I am talking about PX4 hardware autopilot. Its pixhawk cube.

I am using Windows 8 in my laptop.
Other important specifications are - i5 processor, 4GB RAM and 64- bit.

Hmm, ok. QGC should be ok on Windows 8. Can you try this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/33265663/api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0-dll-is-missing-when-opening-microsoft-office-file?

Yes: but px4 firmware or ArduPilot firmware?

I have issues with running this software. I don’t think there is any relation between firmware and software opening.
If the software itself is not opening, how can I select the firmware.
You may be right, I am not offending your comment/response. I am thankful that you all are replying to try solving my issue. But, I think there is some misunderstanding or I don’t know something that you are asking about.

It’s better to use QGC for PX4 firmware. For ArduPilot you can use either. That’s why I was trying to clarify. You said you’d been using missionplanner (which implies ArduPilot), and were referring to px4 as though it was hardware.
With a PH2.1 Cube, if you’re using windows and ArduPilot, and are familiar with missionplanner, no need to switch.

Yes, I am using mission planner on my windows laptop. but, I haven’t done much work on it. I am new to both the software.