Holybro radio telemetry is not seen by Qgroundcontrol station

Hi Every one :slight_smile:

I have the following hardware and software:

  • A set of Holybro telemetry radios.

  • A pixhawk 4 mini

  • Qgroundcontrol version V3.5.6 and with a firmware of 1.9.2

To summarize:

1- I am running successfully UART&I2C B to a telemetry4 for a companion computer as JetsonTX2

2.- I have setup in Qgroundcontrol the following for the Pixhawk TELEM1 :
MAV_1_MODE Normal
MAV_1_RATE 120

3.- A set of Holybro telemetry radio was bought.

4.- I just connected one holybro radio to the TELEM1 of the Pixhawk 4 mini and the other holybro radio to the laptop where Qgroundcontrol station is installed.

The questions or issues are:

  1. In the QGC station I can not see any holybro connected radio.
  2. How can I verify that the radios are well connected by means of the QGC station and it is interfacing with them in a proper manner.
  3. Since I am using the companion computer to send mavilink protocol over a wifi . How can I set up that the first priority is the wifi and in case the wifi connection is lost the radio takes place.

Thank you for your help