QGroundControl: How to Spektrum Bind when connected to Pixhawk


Alright, so to try and summarize what you’ve said… I should just buy a new AR770 receiver that comes with a satellite receiver so I can skip the steps with the PPM encoder? That would seem to make this a lot easier, but I did buy the PPM encoder specifically for this project…

I was planning on trying rollys’s solution, so perhaps I’ll buy the satellite receiver, try that solution out, and if it doesn’t work, I’ll try what you said and I’ll only need to buy the AR770 because I will already own the satellite receiver.


AR7700 does native PPM out, yes.
PPM encoder comes with Pixhawk, so yes, you could use that as well.
Or, you can wire the 3 pins on your Pixhawk 4 and make an adapter.


I’ve got the satellite receiver hooked up to the DSM/SBUS RC port like you said, but the receiver does not turn on like the instructions say it should. How is the receiver supposed to be powered in this situation?


Check the wiring of the Rx to the DSM port to make sure they are connected correctly. If memory serves me, it should be on 3.3v for power. The signal connects to Pin 2,

Good luck.


Yes, my 5 to 3 pin connector appears to follow that chart perfectly:

All the wires seem to be going to the correct pins.

Does that mean I need to find some sort of voltage regulator to make sure it’s getting 3.3V?


Did you bind it with your Tx first with it connected to the RX (AR610)? Once it’s bound, then connect it directly on your Pixhawk then do Radio calibration from within QGC.

Good luck.


But how does the satellite receiver connect to the AR610? I’ve seen some of the spektrum receivers have a slot in the side for a connection to a satellite receiver, but the AR610 doesn’t have one.


I’m sorry, my bad. I thought that had a satellite port. Do you have any Spektrum Rx with satellite port or can borrow one just to bind your TX to it?

Good luck.


Unfortunately, I don’t, so it seems I’ll need to purchase a AR7700 receiver like jfd said.


So when you connect the satellite Rx and power the Pixhawk, the satellite doesn’t power up? No LED comes on? Do you have a voltmeter to check which pin is ground and which is 3.3v?

Also, I just found this so I think it’s definitely a good idea to trace out the wiring from the Pixhawk to the satellite Rx.

Good luck.


Yup, the LED isn’t coming on, and unless the wiring is backwards on the connector in the picture from earlier today, the connector seems to be a perfect fit with the chart you posted.

I’ll show a couple pictures of my setup:

And a closer look at the RXs:

It’s a bit hard to tell, but the AR610’s LED is lighted up and the SPM4648’s LED is not turning on.


Try this:

  • Unplug the AR610.
  • Swap the Yellow and Red wires of the Satellite on the Pixhawk side and see if the satellite lights up.

if nothing else works, you might have to get with HolyBro.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the advice, switching the red and yellow wires did the trick! The satellite receiver turned on and I was able to bind it to QGC, and I can finally move forward with this project. Thank goodness you guys are here. :wink:

However, I did soon run into another error - when trying to do the radio calibration, I cannot correctly assign the yaw and roll sticks - whenever I move the yaw stick to the location that is prompted (on Mode 2), nothing registers. The calibration only accepts it if I use the right-hand stick, which shouldn’t be used for yaw. Do you know what might be going on?

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I use a Taranis QX7 so it’s easy for me to move my channels as needed in the Tx. I’m presuming you’re using a Spektrum Tx so, I’m not sure but check your params; mine are as follows:


If yours are different, make note of them first then maybe change them to like mine, powercycle then see if they are corrected from there and calibrate completely.

Good luck.


Thanks again, that worked for me. For anyone who might be reading this in the future, the way to change the channels on the Spektrum DX6e is to go to the System Setup option, then Channel Assign.

I was also able to do all of the calibrations except for the airspeed one, do I need to have one of those before I can set flight modes?



Glad everything is working out.

Good luck.


QGC isn’t letting me set up Flight Modes because the Sensors aren’t all calibrated, and all I have left to calibrate is the Airspeed control. How then do I set up Flight Modes?


You can temporarily disable the airspeed sensor check CBRK_AIRSPD_CHK to 162128 in Parameters then power cycle.

Good luck.


Thanks, rollys. Your advice has helped me big time. I don’t have any other problems at the moment, so hopefully I’ll be getting my plane up in the sky soon.


Hi Everyone,

Has anyone used a pixhawk mini with QGC and a Dragonlink system?

I’m having issues with getting the QGC to connect “Find” the vehicle (pixhawk mini) via the Dragonlink (which is connected to a DX9 transmitter).

Any help would be appreciated.