QGroundControl headless mode

Hi everyone, I need some help because it’s my first time using groundcontrol and Pixhawk PX4 2.4.6.
now I can switch in different flight mode but I can’t find the headless flight mode, can anyone help me?

Which mode do you specifically mean by the headless flight mode?

Relevant: https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/issues/3700

When you active headless mode, the onboard flight computer always aligns the drone movements to be relative to the controller. So it does not matter which way the drone forward direction is pointing. When you push forward, the drone moves forward relative to your direction, not the heading of the drone. The same thing for going to the left or right. You can keep yawing the drone, and commanding it to fly right. It will fly to the right relative to you.

I don’t get it, can you explain it?

That was more to answer Florian, but the link is to a GitHub issue where this mode has been requested before. It hasn’t been implemented yet, afaik.

I am a fixed-wing guy, but as far as I know such a mode currently does not exist in PX4.

I was hoping that the mode had already been implemented, but ok thanks :slight_smile: