Something Simple

I started using the PX4 operating system about a year ago and am indeed impressed with the way everything works except it doesn’t have a “Simple” feature like Ardupilot. This is absolutely necessary when shooting sporting events. Sommer’s comming up and I need to be able to photograph football games at the park.

Do I need to switch to a different operating system for this feature or is it possible to program the PX4 system for a simple mode?

You will have to explain what “SImple” is.

Hi and thanks for the reply. The PX4 documentation describes it as “Easy” but I don’t find that option anywhere in the QGC program.

“Simple” mode in Ardupilot allows directional control, (Right, Left. Forward and back), regardless of the vehicles orientation. In other words, when I point the camera from the right side of the field the drone moves right and left with the sticks. When the drone is on the other side of the field and turned around, it will still move right and left with the sticks.

Hope this described the problem in a little better detail.

Hey there
Sound like the general term here is ‘headless’ mode. Afaik PX4 doesn’t do that but would have to look into it for clarification…

You’re right. There is someone here who knows something.

Its too bad there is no headless mode in PX4. I’m not a coder or I might be able to write a patch for this. It must be difficult or it would have been done by now. Looks like I get to switch to Arducopter after all. That’s OK. I want to build an antenna tracker for the drones anyway and Arduino seems to be the answer for that as well.