Px4 firmware, QGC ground station Simple Mode?

My plane
Airframe: Generic Quadcopter
Quadrotor x (4001)
Hardware: PX4_FMU_V3 (V30)
Software Version: v1.11.3 ([a6274bc5]

I’d like to learn something
Px4 firmware, QGC ground station
How to set up
Simple Mode
super Simple Mode
Similar flight mode
ignoring the direction of the aircraft’s head

My English is not good
Maybe the expression is not very clear
Please understand

thank you

I look forward to someone pointing

#PX4 Autopilot User Guide: PX4 User Guide
#QGroundControl User Guide: Overview · QGroundControl User Guide

Thank you very much
I learned these things
But it may be that we don’t understand enough
I still won’t set it

To learn more, you have to take flight tests with multi-stage hardware boards. And if your goal is to develop algorithms and software, you should install vscode software and build the code.

Simple and SuperSimple aren’t PX4 flight modes. “headless” modes are not available with PX4 firmware as far as I’m aware.

Thank you for your help