Android & FPV receiver option

Hi, new to FPV and FC world but not flying. I’ve joined the Ardupilot forum and have received great feedback on FC computers now i need help with the ground software and FPV tx/rx etc.

I would like to use qGroundControl as the GCS because it is support on mobile platforms like Android. Even though Mission Planner is under most tutorials having this capability give me flexibility so my question is:

  1. How do you connect QGC Android to your flight controller?
    I believe one way is using the telemetry connection from the Flight controller Transceiver Telemetry Radio V3,SiK Radio

I also read something about OTG cable but based on the search on this forum it appears to be a hit or miss?

  1. What hardware video RX/TX 1.3Ghz preferably do you recommend which is compatible with QGC Android and do you recommend this over the link I posted above which is the telemetry off the FC?

Talk to me and educate me on all this. Thanks


You can try the XROCK RTB Bluetooth Box that will connect to QGC via Bluetooth. Then you can use OTG to connect a 5.8GHz OTG FPV Receiver for the video.

Good luck.

Hi rollys,

Thanks for the feedback, I’m going to be flying long range so the 5.8Ghz is not really an option. The XROCK though looks very promising and will have to do but I do have a question for you since this was mentioned in another thread.

Does the crossfire allow you to connect to the telemetry port on a Pixhawk flight controller? If so how do you get that data off the crossfire Standard TX to connect to a laptop or android device b/c I don’t see a USB port on that Tx?