QGC w/ TyphoonH: How to establish vehicle connection? Details, pls

Hello to all experienced users on QGC.

Since I noticed that the Typhoon H Plus is on the QGC’s vehicle list; I did not find any detailed hints on establishing a WLAN/WiFi connection to the Tyhoon H.
So, the Q’s I am not able to answer myself on this matter are:

  • Is a special Firmware-Version needed to est. a connection?
  • Is the use of QGC possible to all Typhoon H models since it works, as described, with the Plus-Model?
  • Is the a detailed Step-by-step guide to est. a connaction between QGC and the Typhoon H?
  • Which are the pitfalls to be fokused on in est. a connaction?
  • Which is the best way to connect/cable the Typhoon H to QGC?
  • Which are teh necessary parameters to get the connection est.?
  • Where do I get the necessary information on this parms to est. the connection?

I am hung not to get this connection established between QGC and the Typhoon H Pro.
I am on latest Firmware/Software releases for the control station and the Drone components.

Thank you all in advance for any helpful response.

Kind regards,

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@Roger.Weihrauch if you connect to the hotspot of the vehicle, qgc will automatically discover the vehicle and download the parameters

@Jaeyoung-Lim Hello Jaeyoung, thank you for your respone. Sorry, but I am very new to this business.
So, what do you mean w/ ‘hotspot’? What is the hotspot of a Yuneec Thyphoon H? (The Station, the camera, the drone itself?)
How should I connect to it? Which possibilities are there for me to get a connection to the ‘hotspot’?
On HW side I have a mini.usb at the station (ST16), on the drone itself and at the cam.
Which one to be used?
Thanks again for your time answering.