QGC sync between computers

To all experienced QGC users and developers, thank you for considering my question.
I’m new to QGC in that I have newly adopted PX4 as a flight controller for my drone systems.
My question is how does one sync a drone platform configuration between computers.

  • initial bring up of a Holybro 6X flight controller on a Win10 platform
    • firmware upgraded on the Windows platform
    • Air frame setup
    • Sensors calibrated
    • Radio setup
    • flight modes set up
    • Power configured
    • safety setup
    • no camera
    • flight tested configuration
  • Migrating to a ToughBook Linux (Ubuntu 22.04) platform
    • Air frame not setup (did not carry over)
    • All other configuration setup as in windows.

Why did the Air frame not carry over?
Can I get the Air frame to carry over?

The old saying; 2 is 1, 1 is none. I have 2 ToughBook computers with the second as a backup. My goal is to understand how to configure a system on one computer and sync it to the other.

Any thoughts?
Thank you,