Qgroundcontrol Options. Walkera 2.4Ghz Data link

Hi Experts.

I have been using QGC and am pleased with it. However coming from Walkera i think there are some options that are not supported jet in QGC .
I have been using QGC with 3DR devices and Pixhawk , to get access to Telemetry (Xrock V5 ) and control my Drone on a Android Tablet i even have a Bluetooth joystick that work with the both.

Now my remark and questions … Today i connected the Walkera 2.4Ghz data link (air end) to the drone on the 2th Telemetry port , and the Ground-end BT-2402B to my PC running QGround station , and to my surprise it all worked very well !! ( fast and stable ).

By getting this going , i want more (of course) and this would be using the options that 3DR does not have but the BT-2402NA / BT-2402B Air and Ground-end have
First the BT-2402NA Air-end has a pass-trough of PPM and PWM. 1-PPM in and 1 PPM out and it has 3 -PWM in and 4 PWM out.
This combined with the terrible Walkera GCS gave (however) the option of controlling Camera , Gimbal , Retracts , trough the software and when connected also with TX.

I think i can do a pass-trough of my 12Ch Trough the BT-2402NA (PPM) , I could also connect and Pass-trough my camera shutter, gimbal and Retracts Trough the BT-2402NA ( coming from the Pixhawk going to the user) …but …I dont see howto control these PWM’s with QGC …

Help or just thinking with me would be appreciated !!