Live stream/broadcast telemetry from gcs

I would like to live stream aircraft information from q GroundControl to a Geospatial Information Syatem ( GIS ) in a different computer via the internet. I’ve searched the web and have not found an existing solution. Prior to starting development I wanted to do one final check, with the community, to see if this capability exists. I’m open to almost any means for achieving this in near real time.

My thanks in advance and apologies if this is not the appropriate forum

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Did you watch mavlink stream ?

@Uberjuker Sounds like you can use mavlink-router to do what you are trying to do.

You can configure the mavlink stream to be forwarded to your QGC and also a endpoint that points to your “different computer”


My thank, I will look into this implementation.


I don’t, but based upon the recommendations, I will start today.