QGC(on WSL2) Map is broken

While attempting Gazebo simulation by connecting QGC and PX4 on SITL in the WSL environment, I encountered the above problem. I’d appreciate your help.

People are using their precious remaining lifetime to try and help, so it is common courtesy to come back and tell what the solution eventually was even if you found it elsewhere. It is for the benefit of everyone. -Jorkki 03-13-2018

An excerpt from an answer that I found while searching for a problem on my laptop.
Mr. Arccoma, alwaysKeep this in mind.

About two months after meeting the problem for the first time, it seemed to have solved itself.
Of the changes between the two months, the only thing I remember is that I replaced the monitor(same resolution FHD).
I’ve been doing some tests ( Simulation for Low Battery ), putting aside my quest for what caused the problem and why it was resolved.

So it went on for weeks without much trouble. But……
The problem recurred after changing the monitor(fromFHD to UHD) and updating the display driver today.
I guess it’s a driver-related problem, but I’m a little embarrassed that Windows Device Manager can’t roll back the driver.

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