QGC on Ubuntu and SiK radio connection issues

Hello Mindhive,

I have QGC on an Ubuntu build machine spacifically for this tast.
I am using an SIK radio that i updated both Ground and Air module through MP (with this firmware RFD SiK 2.0 on HM-TRP - Automatically) and with factory settings.
As soon as i boot QGC i can see the Green Bar Loading and instanly i get a Communucation Lost and then it tries starts loading green again/Lost/again/lost/again… and i cant get it to have a stable connection.
What am i mising here?
These are mi SiK radio settings on MP after FW update.

And since the Ubuntu machine does not have internet i will take some pictures on the screen to post in a while also.
Any help would be highly appreciated.
And here is a video https://youtu.be/0UQ4kqCSLpQ

Try putting check marks on ECC and OP Resend and see if that helps.

Good luck.


Thank you for your reply. I tested also setting up as you described, without any success. Since i could see QGC loading and hanging the connections.
While this was going on, i did find out that if i unplug/plug the telemetry would start having proper and stale connection on QGC. This was both with default settings and your settings.
I can see through lsusb and other commands that the system has CP210x device and drivers so as you can understand this is driving a bit crazy.

Do you have another computer, i.e. Windows, that you can try running QGC and see if it works outside of the Ubuntu environment? At least you can confirm if the issue is hardware, software or OS driver issue.

Good luck.

I have the system running fine from my WIN10 pc but it seems the problem is specific to ubuntu and the problem is that the specific Hexa must have as GCS the ubuntu device and not my PC. at the moment i am updating the full ubuntu kernel and cp210x drivers to be on the safe side.