QGC HITL staying enabled even after rebooting vehicle

Good Morning,

I am currently having an issue with HITL and my Pixhawk 2.1 on QGC 4.0.

I was initially trying to run some HITL tests to see if I could get some simulations to work with my hardware but ran into problems (I have put that on another post).

So now I am trying to run configure my FC to fly in manual mode however anytime I plug it into my computer to calibrate it, it automatically connects to HITL mode without having enacted any of the commands to do so.

I have tried disabling the HITL and SIH in the Safety tab in vehicle settings and then rebooting the vehicle. I have rebooted the vehicle by both going parameters>tools>reboot vehicle as well as unplugging and plugging the USB back into the computer, neither have worked.

Please help, I just want to fly my drone.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling my Qgroundcontrol and the problem persists, maybe it has something with the board itself??