HITL Simulation doesn't work

Hi all, as you can see im trying to run hitl simulation on vbox vm, i’ve already run sitl with jmavsim and qgc and it worked fine. But now ive follow the steps to run hitl and it doesnt.
i updated the firmware to stable and master, and with airframe on HIL quad (tryied different compatible behicles just in case and didnt work either)
The closest i get is when the airframe is HIL, but i get some sensors error, it shows them not calibrated but when i try to do it like this:
Open 2 terminals
1st: >>cd Firmware
2nd>> ./Tools/jmavsim_run.sh -q -s -d /dev/ttyACM0 -b 921600 -r 25

then the simulator opens, and QGC opens and instantly goes on manual mode but cant fly
vehicle settings shows this:

i think it may be relate to the fact that im on vbox vm, bc it says i have connected the FC by wifi but its usb connected.

Any help its appreciated

Update, i changed to VM Ware and now the flight controller is detected, still i can’t fly hitl because no sensor is found, i cant even calibrate them…