How to connect vehicle using qgc on an Ipad?

I want to use my iPad to fly my vehicle using QGC. However, I am not able to connect to the vehicle using 3DR radio telemetry. I plugged the telemetry on Ipad using a lightning port converter but it didn’t work. The same thing works in case of android tablets.

There isn’t sufficient documentation on how to connect your drone using iPad. Please help!

Due to Apple’s restrictions, you will need to use Wifi, as provided e.g. on Pixracer.

Yes iPad will not work using Lightning connectors as I found out too. I would like to use mine as well because the battery life is better than my Laptop and the Laptop is very difficult to see in daylight.
I have been looking for a suitable wifi module but info is scarce and I can’t afford to buy the wrong thing.
I have exactly the same set-up as you Abhishek_Aggarwal. I have been doing Quad missions but have a X5 Wing set up ready to learn auto landing etc. I need something I can see in the great outdoors!