Help needed with QGC on Herelink with latest Arducopter

I am try to set my drone up with Herelink, Pixhawk cube with latest arducopter firmware.

The Herelink has the latest firmware using QGC.

I am getting numerous error messages and unable to upload a simple mission to the drone.

Can anyone help?

I just need a system that works.

Error message are:

Mission transfer failed. Retry transfer. Error. Vehicle returned error: X/Param5 has an invalid value (MAV_MISSION_INVALID_PARAM5_X), Param5: nan.

GeoFence transfer failed. Retry transfer. Error: Mission write failed, vehicle failed to send final ack.

Same message with rally point.

Also get an audio message: “Need Mavlink 2 for item transfer”

Can anyone help?

You’re going to have to talk with the HereLink folks about the QGC they run on that. I don’t know anything about it with regards to how it is in sync (if at all) with regular QGC.

Thanks for reply.

Do you know if its possible to install standard latest QGC on the herelink?

I have as asked the question on Herelink but not getting a reply.

Hi DonLakeFlyer

I have managed to sort the mission sync problem.

I had to add a UDP com link, now seems to be uploading missions Ok.

Still get the error message about version 3.3 and higher. I don’t get that on my latest windows version. Seems the Herelink QGC needs updating?

Still getting an audio message “Need Mavlink 2 for item transfer”
Any idea what this could be?

That was fixed ages ago in QGC.

I’m guessing it has some bugs which have already been dealt with in regular QGC. There has been a lot of work done in QGC around ArduPilot strangeness with respect to sending capability bits for mavlink 2 support. It likely thing GeoFence/Rally are supported (they require mavlink 2) when they are not. You should be able to turn on mavlink 2 support through parameters. It’s not on by default.