Q: Pixhawk4/F7 uart inversion?

Im setting up a Pixhawk4 to a FrSky D4R-II receiver.
Got cppm and rssi working. (Without any hw-filtering on the rssi signal, not obvious when serching for info online)
Got telemetry working over a Sik 433MHz radio. (Allthough the firmware uppdate in QGC screwed up some radio parameters that broke the binding. Manually restoring these to previous setting got this working again)

But i tried to connect the Telemetry2 directly to the D4R-II telemetry port, setting sys.companion to frsky telemetry, but did not get this working… as I beleeve I need signal inversion on the uart signals.
My understanding, from the betaflite world, is that the F7 series of mcu’s have hw support for inversion on the uarts.
Is this implemented in the px4 software ? How do i enable the inversion? Or do I simply need to do ths in external hw?