FMUv5 F-Port FrSky supported?


Does anyone here know if F.Port (FrSky) is supported/developed on the Holybro Pixhawk 4 FMUv5 F7?



It’s not in development but would be nice to have.

I’m willing to have a look at it, but I’m new to px4 so would need quite some pointers from experienced devs…

Here some initial pointers:

I’m not sure if it’s worth adding F.Port support for boards with an IO due to the required amount of changes (though we could work around it by using another UART for RC).

Feel free to ask me further questions.

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Ok, I only have a pixhawk 4 (holybro) to test on so it would be nice to get it working through io…
I hope to find some time next week to look into the rc code.
Why does it go through IO? Is there a guide/blog that explains px4 on a medium level?

Because of failsafe: if the main FMU fails, the IO can still operate on its own (though this is only for fixed-wing to fly fully manual).

The best reference is probably this:

Has the status of F-Port support changed? It would be nice to have one less cable to worry about :wink:

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I’m also looking forward to this!

IO failsafe is a very rare situation, I think support f.port first on a uart on FMU is enough for most of users.

Resurrecting this thread. Has the status of this changed?

Do we have any news on this topic? For Arducopter it´s working for quite a while :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Hi, I wanted to extend PX4 support for this protocol. But I came across an error that I was not able to connect the receiver to the FMU. More information about this issue is here:

Would also love to see support for F.Port! :slight_smile: