Px4fmu-v1_default issues (stable)

Hey all,

I have noticed a major issues with the STABLE version for the px4 v1 firmware (for px4 fmu v1).

I can upload the (stable) v1 Firmware to the quad (in ‘+’ formation).
When it runs, the ‘local_position_estimator’ cannot run.
I checked the cmake for px4fmu-v1_default as it does not contain the ‘modules/local_position_estimator’.
Once i added it the line to the px4v1 cmake, it will run it.

Next, when i connect it to pc via microusb and run QGC, the nsh terminal comes up continuously with the error:
‘WARN [uorb] node_open as advertiser failed.’.
This stops any QGC calibrations or anything.

It also wont arm all of the PWM motor controllers, occasionally some or none.

I changed (via extras.txt) to use ekf2 instead (local_position_estimator stop; ekf2 start).
Gives an error when starting with microusb cable and thus wont communicate with QGC (will do it fine if start with battery).
Again it also wont arm all of the PWM motor controllers, occasionally some or none (very rarely all).

I manually calibrated the PWM motor controllers (via reciever), and changed the px4 pwm settings to match the max and min values. GQC wont allow for its pwm calibration method with the errors occuring. But again the pwm motors will or will not arm (some might, might not at all, appears to have a random pattern).

I don’t know why it keeps doing this, and it is quite annoying, especially since it is for the STABLE version (master doesn’t work at all).

Is there any suggestion, maybe for a future fix for us people still wanting to use v1?