PX4 Cube Orange Issues

Good afternoon,

I recently flashed PX4 (1.14.0-rc1) and the overall flight performance as well as positioning seems to have deteriorated compared to the previously installed Arducopter (4.3.6) firmware.

MC Setup:
Frame: Tarot Ironman 650 (setup as generic quadcopter)
FC: Cube Orange
GPS: Holybro H-RTK F9P

After flashing PX4 1.13 and 1.14 the copter was very unstable due to high oscillations. Version 1.12.3 flew very well, but the GPS could not be recognised (blue pulsing and no sats even after +15min outdoors with no obstacles near me. Could this be due to the F9P no being supported by thi sversion?).
Calibration (Mag; Acc etc) was done several times without any anomalies.

I was able to fix the oscillations to some extent by following this thread and reducing the gyro filter cutoff as well as the d-gyro filter cutoff frequencies.

The current problem with my setup is the positioning itself.
Both GPSs are detected and have fix type 4 or higher, depending on the use of an additional RTK unit via USB (see log file).
The Position Mode is unstable in Z until flying above +10m. Once there, the drone seems happy and will at least try to stay where it is, but will still drift over time.
When Hold Mode is activated, the drone starts to fly like a toilet bowl, in ever larger circles, until I have to regain control (no position holding at all).
When RTL is activated, the drone will climb to RTL altitude and attempt to return to its home position BUT will fail due to overshooting the home position at high speed. This behaviour will continue and get worse until I have to regain manual control.

Landing manually after the failed RTL the green GPS status will change to red pulsing/blinking, indicating an error. Within QGC an AHRS error will be displayed in the sensor tab.

Attempting to tune the copter using the autotune function will result in either an immediate “Autotune failed” or a “Initialising…” message which will remain until QGC is restarted.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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