Px4flow with sonar module on it HELP!

Greetings. I’ve search and do everything that written on forums but can’t work my module with my pixhawk. I’ve bought a px4flow module with maxbotic hrlv 1043 maxbotix sonar sensor. I’ve welded serial jumper on sonar module and mount it to px4flow sensor. I’ve connect it to my pixhawk via serial 4/5 port activated flow sensor on MP. But no flow nor sonar data. If I connect it via I2c I’ve just getting flow sensor data. Whatever I’ve tried no data from sonar sensor. I can hear cliky sound from sonar. Just to be sure :
1-) Which way I connect it to pixhawk? Serial or I2C port?
2-) Should I connect sonar and flow sensor seperately to pixhawk? (Sonar to pixhawk via analog, flow to pixhawk I2C?)

I hope you can help me :slight_smile:

Hi there,
I have the same problem. Did you get to a solution?

Best regards