Pixracer with px4flow

Dear all,
I have a pixracer and a px4flow. I connect two modules via IIC but do not see any optical flow data shown on QGC. If I connect the px4flow to pixhawk, the data are shown normally on QGC. Could anyone tell me how I can use pixracer with px4flow? Thanks in advance.

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Same problem like you. you solved it ?

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I was wondering how to pair the two items. PixRacer with the Px4Flow.
Did you guys figure it out by any chance?


It looks like px4flow is no longer supported by most of the hardware. Pixracer, pixhawk 3 pro, pixhawk 4 - all seem to have the same problem - I heard this from multiple users. Keep posting! Hopefully the guys at the top will eventually listen!

It works for me. I can see the feed and when I head over to analyze I can see graphs being plotted accordingly when position is changed.

Today I solved the same issue.
To obtain data in Pixracer from PX4FLOW via I2C - you should connect PX4FLOW I2C to GPS of Pixracer (NOT telem 1/telem2).
There was also a problem with sonar data - after I soldered 5V power jumper on PX4FLOW and square jumper on sonar - sonar data also appeared in Pixracer.