PX4Flow with PixRacer Connection Problem

I want to use the PX4Flow sensor with Pixracer. For this, I first installed the PX4Flow driver via USB via Qground. Then I connected the sensor to the pins on the GPS port of Pixracer as shown in the figure. The “on” light on the sensor is solid, the “com” light is flashing continuously and quickly, and the “act” light is flashing slowly. The lights are on the same as the USB connection.

I also changed the Sens_en_px4flow parameter to 1 via Qgorund, but I can’t see any data. I don’t see any data either from the sonar on the sensor or from the sensor for horizontal control. px4flow is not included in the analysis section and I could not see it anywhere else. I tried to change sda and scl pins but it didn’t work. What should I do. Can you help me?