Problem connecting sonar to Pixhawk4

Hi there!
I am having some problems connecting the MB1043 rangefinder to my PX4 controller, either directly or via a PX4Flow (optical flow), as the PX4 does not detect the sonar, so I always get 0 values for the sonarrange and sonarvoltage parameters .
The connection is made via the GPS1 port, as it appears that the I2C 2 port has a malfunction, and I can read the parameters provided by the PX4Flow, but not those of the sonar. Alsom I tried a lot of different combinations for the ports, but this is the only one that works for the Optical Flow.


In Mission Planner, I can’t directly activate either PX4Flow or the sonar (these options are grayed out) so I had to activate PX4Flow through the parameters tree. However, for sonar, I am unable to do so. I have already tried to change the various respective parameters, namely Addres and Type, but I cannot get the Flight Controller to detect the Sonar.

Can somebody help me?