Px4Flow setting

Hi, I want to use px4flow v1.3 with pixhawk
so I tried set up with QGroundControl
First I updated Firmware via usb. that was successful
after updated Firmware, I unpluged and repluged px4flow
but there was no tabs(px4flow, parameters)…
I don’t know what is the problem…(I success connect px4 to QGroundControl)

Hello @yelin,
Maybe I’m wrong but as far as I know, if you change any parameter with QGroundControl, it will go back to default value when you reboot it (they will be save in a RAM memory). You just can change PX4Flow parameters by programming.
Anyway you should be able to see these parameters.
Did you install PX4Flow drivers?
Try to Flash the firmware again, wait a moment and 2 tabs (PX4Flow and Parameters) should be shown.