Persisting PX4FLow parameters

I’ve mounted a PX4Flow on an Intel Aero Drone as shown here:

That article suggests changing the BFLOW_F_THLD and BFLOW_V_THLD parameters in PX4Flow. I can do that if I connect the PX4Flow with a USB cable directly to the QGC laptop. However, as the article also points out, these parameter setting do not persist across reboots. So, I don’t understand how can I set them when PX4Flow is connected to the drone and not to the laptop. Am I missing something? Is there a way to persist these parameter settings?


You are right, the parameters do not persist… (I didn’t know). If you flash stable (which is current master), there is no need to adjust these parameters. But if you still want to set different parameters you can clone, change these parameters and then build and flash the PX4Flow module directly.

BTW: You don’t need a PX4Flow module to do visual navigation. See