PX4 what parameter sets transition from loiter to endpoint mode?

Finished first manual pid tuning and have quad flying fairly well. Altitude hold is cruising fairly well also. In position hold when loitering at the 5 m/s and let off the stick the transition from loiter to endpoint holding is very abrupt and it shakes the quad up pretty good. Excellent stopping and position hold I have to say but let say I want it to kind of slide into a hold rather than just lock up dead on the spot what would be the parameter to adjust? I have looked at the printed parameter list as well as tweaked a few things but don’t feel I am working with the correct parameter yet. Any advice? Thanks.

Try adjusting the maximum acceleration and deceleration values under multicopter position control.

Thanks I will check those out and see if they will help soften the transition into endpoint mode.

@dagar thanks for that. Reducing multicopter position control>MPC_DEC_HOR_MAX to 4 m/s/s from 10 m/s/s allowed the quad to decelerate slower and slide right into the hold position I wanted without making the gimbal bang against its limits.