Position mode responsivness 1.14

Thank you for reading.

I notice that pitch and roll rates in position mode is very damped when compared to Alt and Stab mode. Is there a way to increase the rates in parameters so that it is a bit more responsive?

Iโ€™d look into the MPC_ parameters. You could try to increase MPC_ACC_HOR or MPC_VEL_MANUAL.

Thank you Julian. appreciate the help

Just a quick question. How would those parameters impact ALT and STAB modes?

Nope that did not really make any difference. I wonder if I could try changing the deadzone instead

Oh, for stabilized and altitude mode you would have to adjust roll/pitch rate limits, or make the tuning more aggressive.


Alt and Stab is fine its POS that i want to repond better to stick inputs

I see. I misread your question above.

In any case, I suggest to go through the MPC_ and MC_ params and judge for yourself what would help.

Also, check the acceleration and jerk limits.

At the end of the day position control isnโ€™t supposed to be aggressive but smooth and easy.

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