QGC parameter tweak - Fixed Wing V-tail - Mini Talon

Would like to know which parameter under px4 stack could we slow down the response for the pitch, roll and yaw in manual mode

Hi there, I think what you’re looking for is:

MPC_MAN_TILT_MAX (FLOAT) Maximal tilt angle in manual or altitude mode 0.0 > 90.0 deg


MPC_MAN_Y_MAX (FLOAT) Max manual yaw rate 0.0 > 400 deg/s


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can’t find these in QGC parameters. Is this thro the PC or thro Android

The PID gains would also affect the manual mode


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This is wrong as MC stands for MultiCopter and not for fixed wing configuration !!

Is this pertaining to multicopter or Fixed wing . I think you have pointed for a multicopter drone

Hey there, yes this is for multicopter as indicated by “MC”.
I’m sorry but when I answered to this thread it was just called “QGC parameter tweak” and since I don’t do any FW at all I just assumed…
My bad!^^

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There is also PID gains for fixed wing

Also, it isnt really cool to someone wrong after you changed your question 4 days after I answered your question though…

before: QGC parameter tweak
edited: QGC parameter tweak - Fixed Wing V-tail - Mini Talon

I haven’t changed anything except made it more clearer for the user to understand my issue better.
The issue remains the same .

The first time you uploaded this topic, nowhere did it mention the issue was about “Fixed wing”

Everyone can see how many times you edited (which is 1 time), and when you edited (4 days after my answer and 9 days after Christian-Born’s)

You edited your topic 1 minute after you replied that I am wrong “because MC stands for multicopter”, but yeah, your topic didn’t say anything about fixed wing nor multicopter at that point.

There is nothing wrong with editing your questions. But you should have just informed you were talking about fixed wing, not tell your answerer they are “wrong” when the question had the less information


Who asked them to answer with a multi copter in mind when it was not even asked here !! You should know how to reply when asked about it. Don’t provide an answer if the information is not complete. Therefore you are still absolutely wrong in providing a wrong answer. Be very careful when you choose your replies as the subject is very delicate.

What a nice way to behave to someone who takes time to answer your question. You are blaming your answerer when the question was incomplete.

How was I suppose to know if you were asking about fixed wing or multicopter if your question did not include such information before you edited? As I said previously, editing isn’t the major problem here. Calling your answerer wrong and then editing your incomplete question is.

What a childish way to reply to a professional query ! You can learn from your mistakes and also from professional silence from Christian _Born . So you being a joker wanted to advice people in this forum to spend time on parameters replies without even studying the query. Great !!

I’ll stop here because I do feel sorry for causing such a drama in this forum, the same way I feel sorry for Christian-Born since there was absolutely no need for him to apologize to you.

On the final note, you are fooling yourself if you think this subject is delicate as you said.

It is elementry gain tuning.