PX4 v1.12.3 will not boot Pixhawk 4

I’m using Pixhawk 4 controllers, and they will not boot v1.12.3. I have tried several times to flash the firmware but get the same results every time. This version will not connect to QGC and so the parameters never download. When the firmware loads, it identifies the Pixhawk 4 as PX4_fmu_v5. Is this creating a problem?

Has anyone come across this issue?



I flashed the new PX4 v1.13 on the Pixhawk 4, and it will not work . QGC says the firmware loaded successfully, then I hear the startup beeps, but the parameters never load and nothing happens.

Since I haven’t heard back about this, I’m wondering if nobody else has experienced this. Any help to point to a solution will be appreciated. BTW, the older Pixhawk 1 has no problem loading PX4 v1.13 and working just fine. Go figure!