PX4 Rover - Stopping short of waypoints

Trying to migrate a Traxxas Rover from Ardupilot to PX4, I have run into an issue with missions where at first it won’t start to go to my closest waypoints (within 50 m or so). When I chose a waypoint further away the rover happily goes towards it but stops about 50 m from it without attempting to proceed to the next waypoint.

In trying to read about it I have come across threads suggesting that similar behaviour might have to do with a waypoint being at negative elevation. I don’t believe that is the issue here because it seems to affect waypoints that are higher up too. I have tried to plan missions both based on “relative to launch” and “above terrain” with no apparent difference. All waypoints have been at 0 elevations regardless of reference frame.
I get this warning though: “Warning: Waypoint X below home”

NAV_ACC_RAD is set to 2 m

Also - I didn’t find a specific PX4 Rover forum. Is there one?


@fredrikfalkman Probably this was fixed in https://github.com/PX4/PX4-Autopilot/pull/16828 ?

Ah, thanks! That looks very promising! Will give it try!

Yes! That did it! Though I had to force save NAV_LOITER_RAD to 2 meters, since QGC posited that 25 was the minimum.