Issues with PX4 missions

I’m currently running a Pixhawk 4 on rover firmware and I am running into issues during my missions. I need to set the altitude to every waypoint individually, and if they are incorrect the robot will spin around on the waypoint forever. Is there any way to simply disable the altitude checks outright, so that missions are run in 2D on the maps?

I’m also having another issue that may be related to the altitude issue, where when driving between waypoints the rover will drive in a bit of a zig-zag pattern. I initially thought this was due to compass inaccuracies, however, when watching the progress of the mission on QGroundControl I can see that the rover knows which direction it is pointing and is choosing to drive in that pattern for some reason. Has anyone had this issue before, or does anyone have suggestions?


I found a fix to this issue. Simply increase the value of the L1 Period.