PX4 + rover + mission


for about a year I am playing with my huge lawn mover machine… controlled by Pixhawk 4 + Sabertooth Dual + FLySky + SikRadio and QGC…

I am able to control my ROVER with RC FLySky… I can connect and see all parameters through QGC… and I am almost there to have RTK fix (need to find good location for base gps antenna).

What I am unable to do is to start any mission… even simple one like “Go to location” in QGC…

What I see in mavproxy logs (it is in the middle between QGC and Pixhawk) is:


Please… I have Pixhawk4 with PX4 Rover firmware and I can do all except missions… it always go to LOITER…

Here is an uploaded log: https://logs.px4.io/plot_app?log=478425c2-998c-4fb5-8f60-0f519b1cd4e8

Maybe it will help with configuration mess?

Anyone to help a newbie?

@Dawid_Szymanski Mission mode only supports global navigation, meaning you need a global position estimate. This is because mission mode essentially navigates through waypoints that are defined in global coordinates.

From the log it appears that you don’t have a global position fix and therefore cannot use offboard navigation

@Jaeyoung-Lim thank you for response… that is strange as I am sure that I have a GPS fix - koz I see my rover on map when I am driving it manually…
Unless you mean something else by writing “global position estimate” or there is some setting that may affect quality … I am in forest area.

HI @Jaeyoung-Lim I ve added another log:


I have RTK fix (float) on position but still nothing…

How to debug it;?

I think here is more valuable data: