Gazebo PX4_sitl rover "no global position" in Mission mode


I make some first tests on simulation with Gazebo and a rover model.
I’m using Gazebo 9 and PX4 v.1.11.0.
Starting gazebo with a rover model in the world “Baylands” works fine on Ubuntu 18.04 and ubuntu 20.04. When planning a mission I removed the Takeoff waypoint to ensure the minimum altitude. Speed is set to 5.0 m/s and vehicle type is Rover. Altitude of every waypoint is “Altitude Relative To Launch” = 0.0 m
But after completing the half mission error with the global position occurred. The messages in QGC are:

Critical: Failsafe enabled: no global position Critical: Global position failure: fixed bank loiter Critical: Stopping compass use! Check calibration on landing

This is the output from QGC:

And my logfiles:

Do I have to change settings or are there any issues with rover simulation?


@KatrinMoritz Can you check the realtime factor of your simulation?

also, have you tried on latest master?

@Jaeyoung-Lim The realtime factor is between 0.07 and 0.10 in the simulation

I cloned the master today, so yes I have. (The previous information of the PX4 version was not completely correct, sorry for that)

@KatrinMoritz Okay I think it might be probably related to that. The realtime factor is too low